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Robley Wilson (1930-2018) was a Guggenheim Fellow in Fiction and a Nicholl Fellow in Screenwriting. His latest novel, After Paradise, was published by Black Lawrence Press in August 2017. His earlier novels are, The World Still Melting, published in 2005 by St. Martin's Press/​Thomas Dunne, Splendid Omens (St. Martin's, 2004), and The Victim's Daughter (Simon & Schuster, 1989). His most recent story collection, his sixth, is entitled Who Will Hear Your Secrets? and was published in the spring of 2012 by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

His five previous short story collections are: The Book of Lost Fathers (2001), Terrible Kisses (1989, a New York Times Notable Book), Dancing for Men (1983, winner of the 1982 Drue Heinz Literature Prize), Living Alone (1978) and The Pleasures of Manhood (1977).

Wilson's first book of poems, Kingdoms of the Ordinary, was the 1986 Agnes Lynch Starrett prizewinner, published by the University of Pittsburgh Press in the fall of 1987; his second, A Pleasure Tree, also from Pittsburgh, won the Society of Midland Authors Poetry Prize for 1990; his most recent collection, Everything Paid For, was published by the University Press of Florida in 1999. A poetry chapbook, A Walk Through the Human Heart, appeared in 1996 from Helicon Nine editions.

All novels, story and poetry collections are available at as Kindle ebooks.

Wilson taught creative writing at the University of Northern Iowa from 1963 to 1996, and from 1969 to 2000 was editor of the North American Review, a university-owned magazine which twice won the National Magazine Award for Fiction administered by the American Society of Magazine Editors. The magazine was a finalist in the fiction category six times.

Wilson has been visiting writer at the University of Iowa Writers Workshop, Beloit College, Northwestern University, Pitzer College, and the University of Central Florida.

A short film, "Favorites," adapted from Wilson's short story, produced and directed by Tracy Facelli, premiered at the 2017 Film Prize: Memphis; it features Jeff Boyet and Nettie Kraft in the lead roles. Another short film, based on his story "Terrible Kisses," features Saffron Burrows and Jack Davenport; it was screened in 2004 at the Rushes Short Film Festival in London's Soho district, has been seen on Sky television in the U.K., and is still available on YouTube.Wilson's screenplay Paradise was a semi-finalist in the 2005 Screenwriting Expo competition.

Wilson and his wife, fiction writer Susan Hubbard (The Society of S [2007], The Year of Disappearances [2008]), and The Season of Risks [2010]) co-edited 100% Pure Florida Fiction, an anthology of Florida short stories written since 1985 (University Press of Florida, 2000).


Blue Garage Co. is an umbrella corporation for the literary activities of Wilson and his wife, Susan Hubbard. Its website, is open for business. Please visit us, using the link at the right.


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